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Created: 1 Jul 2021
Proposer: Ronny Petrik and Klaus Keuler and Burkhardt Rockel
Proposed Date: 2021-05-20
Change Date: 1 Jul 2021, 1:35 p.m.
Term: residuum_of_soil_water_content
Unit: kg m-2
Unit ref: KMP2
"Water" means water in all phases. "Content" indicates a quantity per unit area. The mass content of water in soil refers to the vertical integral from the surface down to those layer of the soil model which is the lowermost hydrological active layer. For the content between specified levels in the soil, standard names including "content_of_soil_layer" are used. "Residuum" is defined by the difference between the tendency of the soil moisture content over a specific time period (left hand side of soil water equation) and the sum of the sources and sinks of soil water over the same time period (right hand side of equation). A positive value means that the soil becomes falsely wetter in a model and a negative value means the soil becomes falsely dryer. It should be noted, that the residuum has to be calculated excluding climatological layers where the temperature or the soil water content is kept to a climatological value or a value given by another soil layer.