under discussion
Created: Feb. 8, 2021
Proposer: Emily Schlie, Eric Engle, and the CAMPS team
Proposed Date: 2020-12-22
Change Date: Feb. 8, 2021, 3:21 p.m.
Term: predominant_vegetation_type_at_surface
Unit: 1
Unit ref: UUUU
A variable with the standard name predominant_vegetation_type_at_surface contains strings which indicate the character of the predominant vegetation type at a location or grid cell. These strings have not yet been standardized. Alternatively, the data variable may contain integers which can be translated to strings using flag_values and flag_meanings attributes. "Vegetation" means any plants e.g. trees, shrubs, grass. The term "plants" refers to the kingdom of plants in the modern classification which excludes fungi. Plants are autotrophs i.e. "producers" of biomass using carbon obtained from carbon dioxide.